Laguna Studio documents live performances and produces recordings for bands and artists of all genres. Laguna recordings have been released on labels such as Hozac, PPM, Needless Records, Reverberation Appreciation Society and Zoo Music. Laguna's services includes: analog & digital recording; custom music creation; sound design; audio environment creation; music consultation; mastering and sync to picture. Our commercial services facilitate advertising, video games, film, television, radio and web design. Laguna has a large library of music of all genres available for licensing. We also have a partnership with Smashtrax Music Library and Production based in Los Angelos, California.

Laguna Studio offers music production services managed by Skyler McGlothlin. He has 10 years of experience providing music and sound design for video games, television, film, radio, webisites and custom installations. "My first international release was a remix released on Ninja Tune in 2001. It was a Coldcut remix released In limited quantities. I've been making music regularly since 2001 and I have built a versatile and high quality library." Laguna works with GSDM, Beast, Action Figure and has worked with Rip Tear Shred, SUKA, VT2, Nightingale Music, Mobilus Media and Synthetic Pictures.


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It really doesn't matter how or where you record if the songs are great. But there are ways to accentuate recordings and capture performances that make a lasting impression and the music stand out. At Laguna we prefer vinyl and cassettes over CDs and recording to tape is essentially the same concept. We are capable of recording digitally with Pro Tools but we prefer and urge bands to consider our analog capabilities. Laguna's rates are affordable, we work fast and you walk away with a great recording. Laguna is a small DIY shop, our focus is the love for music and helping bands document their music in a relaxed flexible environment.


Rayon Beach // White Dog // Horse + Donkey // Breathing Problem // Shapes Have Fangs // Night Beats // Hidden Ritual // ELVIS // The Ripe // Finally Punk // Followed By Static // Cry Blood Apache // Christian Bland & The Revelators // The Fabulous Bread Winners // Total Abuse // The Zoltares // The Fleshlights // Amplified Heat // Hatchet Wound // John Wesley Coleman // The Rich Hands Band // Woven Bones // Holy Wave // Bang Bang Theodores // Ghost Lapse // UFO Club // S U R V I V E // Apache Dropout // White Dog...

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